Sunday, 17 August 2014

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How Muslim scientist al-Biruni measured the diameter of Earth!

This short video describes how the Muslim scientist and mathematician Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī calculated the diameter of Earth using an amazing mathematical technique!

How Muslim scientist al-Biruni measured the diameter of Earth! from Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement on Vimeo.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Unsung Heroes!

Unsung heroes, that look totally 'mundane' from the outside, working in labs...people of science...and yet some fiery passion rages within them to serve their homeland and the Ummah at large!
Dr Sabieh Anwar...the best physicist in Pakistan, carries the same love and junoon for Pakistan! An epitome of humility, this genius scientist left offers of highly-paid jobs and luxurious lifestyle in the West and returned to Pakistan to serve his country!

Listen to his interview:

Interview of the great scientist Dr Sabieh Anwar! from Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement on Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Remarkable words of a great scientist!

May Allah bless Pakistan with many such scientists who share the vision and passion about Pak Sarzameen like him!

Dr Muhammad Tariq is currently the head of Biology Department at School of Science and Engineering, LUMS. He has developed first epigenetic research lab in Pakistan and is actively involved in developing biology research and teaching programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.
Details of his profile:

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A first-hand confrontation with a liberal secular pseudo-intellectual

"Having a first-hand confrontation with a liberal secular snake is an ambivalent experience! It drives you up the wall and at the same time, makes you laugh at the absurdity of their claims!

Imagine getting into an argument with such a person who happens to be a 'teacher' in your class... As is the situation in many universities now, today I had to bear a 2 hour long class taught by the instructor who seems to be a true 'epitome' of such an ideology. Interestingly, the class was about 'critical thinking', looking at both sides of the picture. And the topic for the debate was 'relations with India'. The instructor started out with the 'positive' aspects (as if there exist any!). And while the class threw around stupid points like trade and 'cultural similarities', she was delighted and kept on discussing them in detail. But when i interjected and pointed towards Indian funding of TTP, BLA, of Indian atrocities of 1947 and in Kashmir, she waved those points away as 'bias', claiming that Muslims were involved in an equal killing of Hindus as well.

She gleefully jumped into the claim that Mumbai attacks were done by Pakistan and just won't listen about the recent Indian report which said otherwise. At this point, I just begin to smile at the absurdity of the arguments; at the way she was deftly steering the debate in her required direction; at the way she was deliberately focusing on one side of the picture while teaching us to think 'critically'. That is the tactic of such self-made intellectuals; to twist around arguments and convolute facts, at the same time, pretending to be 'rational' and 'logical' and 'unbiased'.
The funniest part was where she said "In Pakistan, we are taught in our textbooks that wherever you find a Hindu, kill him!"
As the class ran out of positive aspects in the fantasy that they live in, time had run out and hence the real face of Pak-India relations remained veiled in that so-called 'critical thinking' class!
As the class ended, I took a picture of the points gathered on the board as a souvenir of the battle:

This is what they really teach us in universities!" -HZ